Step #1

Krown technicians spray the top of the shock towers, behind wheels and wheel well lips. Then the entire wheel well area is protected.



  Step #2

Utilizing specialized sprayguns and rods, the complete underside of the vehicle is treated, giving special attention to boxed areas and above the gas tank where most rust control companies do not access.



  Step #3

All vehicle body panels are accessed and protected against corrosion. This includes all door, quarter panels, fenders, dog-legs, trunk, hood, front and rear post areas and all rocker panels.



  Step #4

The Krown product is sprayed inside the engine compartment, along the firewall, on all electrical connections, battery terminals, latches and other metal parts. Since Krown does not conduct electricity, it is safe to spray on electrical parts and actually helps prevent "greening" of wires and electrical shorts that are caused by corrosion.



  Step #5

If necessary, tail lights are removed to allow access to the rear panels of the vehicle. Taking this extra step ensures that your vehicle is properly protected against corrosion.



  Step #6

Finally, Krown technicians spary all exterior metal trim, behind mirrors, seams and any visible problem areas.



Krown benefits:

Longer life for your car

After being applied, the Krown product creeps over the metal surfaces of a vehicle, providing a protective barrier on the surface. This barrier repels moisture and prevents water from coming in to contact with the metal. This prevents the chemical reaction of corrosion because when moisture is kept away from metal, it will not rust. Annual re-application of the Krown product helps to ensure that your vehicle will be around for years to come.

A safer vehicle

By penetrating into your vehicle’s spot welds and seams, Krown helps to protect your vehicle’s structural integrity, contributing to a safer vehicle.

A better-looking vehicle

By preventing corrosion to your vehicle’s body, of course it will look better.

Higher re-sale value

When it comes time to sell your vehicle, a “rust-free” vehicle always gets more money. Also, the buyer will have peace of mind knowing that the vehicle has been protected against rust. Krown’s warranty is fully transferable if and when you do sell your vehicle.

Decreased repair costs

Believe it or not, by lubricating many of the vehicle’s moving parts such as window winders and emergency brake cables and by protecting key electronic/electrical areas against corrosion and “greening” of wires, Krown customers experience far fewer repairs. When a repair is needed, customers often save on labour charges because the vehicle is much easier to work on (lubricated nuts and bolts).