Krown’s revolutionary fast-acting hydro carbon formula allows this oil-based product to penetrate and release any seized, rusted or frozen part. Because there is no evaporation, The Solution will also leave behind a protective coating making it very useful in any application. The Solution Penetrant is solvent free making it extremely safe both for the user and the environment without giving an inch when it comes to performance.




• Locks and key cylinders
• Hinges (doors / trunks)
• Battery terminals / plug-ins
• Any seized parts (nuts / bolts / etc.)
• Chains, brake cables, power antennas
• Window winders, latches, springs

Home Uses:

• Sliding doors and windows
• Tracks on garage doors
• Pins, cables, chains
• Wheels, hinges, bearings
• Virtually anything squeaky
• Anything seized
• Rototillers and snow blowers
• Cables

Available sizes:

  • 40g Aerosol
  • 4 l
  • 20 l
  • 205 l


KL-FSM Extreme Duty Chain Lube T20

KLFSM is a solvent free product designed to substantially enhance chain life while reducing wear and friction. KLFSM will reduce corrosion, and help to keep debris from sticking to the chain. KLFSM treated chains lead to reduced down time and reduced energy consumption. KLFSM is engineered for high-heat applications.

Product uses:

  • bike & bicycle chains
  • industrial chains


Available sizes:

  • 400g Aerosol
  • 4 l
  • 20 l
  • 205 l




Cleaner designed to professionally clean various mechanical parts. Quickly washes off stains of mud, brake dust, tarmac, grease, tar and oil. Suitable for cleaning transmissions, clutches, brake assemblies, carburettors and other mechanical components. Recommended to clean electrical connections, tools, and plant equipments. Dries quickly, contains no chlorine, leaves no residue.

Available sizes:

  • Aerosol 400 ml.





Waterproofs, prevents corrosion and lubricates.  You can use is on paint and plastic.  Use it for landings, bearings, brake cables, rollers, hinges, locks, electronic material, black boxes, dashboard, switches and clocks.


Available sizes:

  • Aerosol 150 ml. / 400 ml.




KE93 Brake Cleaner

KE 93 is a non-chlorinated, heptane based parts and brake cleaner. As a parts and brake cleaner, KE 93 is fast drying and leaves no residue. KE 93 is the next generation of healthier, more effective cleaners. This product can be used to clean electrical contacts as well as machine parts and brake parts. Test before using on plastics, rubbers, or painted surfaces.

Available sizes:

  • Aerosol 400 ml.